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RawkZtaRz ThiZ WaY





3. Februar, 2008

Gangsta partay XP

Soo, I just came home from a party. Tireeeeed X____x' The party started at 5, so I'm just dead.

It was Mek's 18 year old birthday partay. The dresscode was pimp, gangster or slut, haha, it was funny XD
So much ARSE! All the guys had like no clothes on... silly guys, they're so fab.
It was fun, but in the end I just wasn't in a real party-mood. So the last 2 hours I was all emo-like, glaring at other people dancing. I really missed someone, it sucked major cock. Buut... we had to get the last train home, or else we would have to sleep there (and I did NOT want that. Anyway, I had forgotten my contact lenses). Did I tell that the party was held faaar away from where I live? And that it was in a house in a dark, dark forest? It's only Mek who can hold a party there, go him XP

I was like the one with the best outfit (or so people told me). But I did enjoy seeing all those guys running around in tiny dresses and high heeled shoes... and wigs. Oh, the wigs. Fake hair everywhere.

Blah, we got on a train to Hillerød. Demi lives there, so she just dumped me on a train. And I was so depressed... I was singing in the train, out of boredom. Maybe two guys heard me, I don't really care. But when I got off the train, the last train to where I live had just driven away. I had to take another train to Nørreport, where I could get a bus @___@' Then I met this guy. We talked for a bit, English. And suddenly he was all: "can I tell you a secret? I'm Danish". Haha, weird guy XD But we talked in the train, it was nice. Got me in a better mood.
*sigh* I'm so... tired. I'm off to bed.

I'll plan my Japan trip soon.

Sweet dreams all you wonderful people <3

31. Januar, 2008


IF YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine ... You're on my list, so I want to know you better!


1) Are you currently in a serious relationship?

2) What was your dream growing up?

3) What talent do you wish you had?

4) If I bought you a drink what would it be?

5) Favorite vegetable?

6) What was the last book you read?

7) What zodiac sign are you?

8) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.

9) Worst Habit?

10) If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?

11) What is your favorite sport?

12) Do you have a Negative or Optimistic attitude?

13) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?

14) Worst thing to ever happen to you?

15) Tell me one weird fact about you.

16) Do you have any pets?

17) What if i showed up at your house unexpectedly?

18) What was your first impression of me? (hmmm...careful!)

19) Do you think clowns are cute or scary?

20) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?

21) Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?

22) What color eyes do you have?

23) Ever been arrested?

24) Bottle or can soda?

25) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?

27) What's your favorite place to hang at?

28) Do you believe in ghosts?

29) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

30) Do you swear a lot?

31) Biggest pet peeve?

32) In one word, how would you describe yourself?

33) Do you believe/appreciate romance?

35) Do you believe in God?

36) Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same for you?

15. Januar, 2008

Get better Tora

Tora is sick ;_____; Apparently, he is suffering from spinal disc herniation, and is paralyzed from his neck down to his left hand. He has been taking painkillers since last summer. Damn, Tora! You should take care of yourself! I really, really hope he'll get well soon <3

It's sad...

Hey, send your support to alice nine.'s members, I think I will.
alice nine [member's name]
Maison du Soleil 101-3-49-11
Eifuku-cho, Suginami-ku
Tokyo, Japan

12. Januar, 2008

Fauzt tonight?

I'm going to Faust tonight XP

I hope it will be fun.

Oi, I'm having my birthday tomorrow, for my family. Damn, so that means I'll have to bring my giant bag with me in town? X___x' Jesauce, I totally forgot abaout my birthday party when I went to visit Demi yesterday. I'm an idiot .____. But then I'll be able to pay people back, oh yes.


Hey, I cut my hair a bit last night. And Demi pierced me. A conch piercing in my left ear. We also tried to give me a navel surface piercing... but that didn't work out that well XD

6. Januar, 2008

Sorry for spamming


And cry, with love We're sure to forget
That the world which was dyed grey isn't real
Even if we keep sleeping and sleeping, morning doesn't come, so
Now, with this hand, let's turn the key

(I could write more, but I'm tired)

SuG, the first band...
Even though they?re a fairly new band, they had already gained quite a fanbase in Germany (all their stuff got sold out and in front of the concert hall, everyone was in SuG mood). They were so cute! The atmosphere was amazing. As the first band, I can tell they had no trouble
making the audience all hawt! XP Everyone was smiling. The vocalist Takeru was so sweet, smiling all the time and doing this really cute choreography for LOVE SCREAM PARTY. He also spoke some German and English, since it wasn't that many who understood Japanese. Oh God, I am so in love in SuG after this <3

All 5 bands signed 5 posters (and a fan), and people who had bought something from the merchandise booth had a chance of winning one. But it all depended on the numbers they got with their purchase, which were drawn by the band members later.

Anyway, after SuG's live, Takeru and the guitarist Yuji came out for an interview. They said a lot of things, like, Takeru was afraid of the highways in Germany, Yuji would be eating soba on New Years Eve... and that they would like to play in Korea, 'cause they had a lot of fans there.

Candy Lowpop
Unplugged Superstar

Then there was SCREW...
The curtains opened, and what do I see? Byou (the vocalist) in a GOLDEN outfit! Haha, it was lovely. Since SCREW was the band with the most hardcore music, they really made the fans bang their heads to the music, made people jump around. Byou did so much fanservice! It didn't take a long time for him before he had thrown his shirt to the ground and ran around groping himself. It was quite amusing, yes. He was a real nasty mother fucker... and I liked it XD

After the live, Byou and the drummer Jin came out again for an interview. They started out with kissing each other... silly boys. They had to explain why they have chosen the band name SCREW, and why purple was an important color for the band. They said, that there's those things you don't know how to say, how to get out... things there are hard to explain. And they thought those words were the color purple. And then something about how you couldn't describe the word screw.
Haha, Byou took one of the numbers he pulled out of the bag, and shoved the number down his pants. Then the interviewer was all: "can the winner of the poster also get the number?". Byou really lost his hardcore attitude there XD He also stuffed another number into Jin's mouth. Go SCREW!

Death's Door
(To come)

The next band was Kra...
I had really looked forward to see those guys, I think they are amazing. They almost had me crying doing their live, since Keiyuu's voice is so great and their music is wonderful.
When the curtains opened, Yasuno (the drummer) was standing there all diva-ish with a rose in his mouth. Yasuno is so good at handling drumsticks, he's got some crazy moves, I can tell you that. But he dropped one of his drumsticks at some point, and a staff come running with it. Oh, and Keiyuu hit Mai (the guitarist) with the microphone, poor guy. Seemed like it hurt. And the microphone didn't like it either. Mai... what has happened with innocent, cute little Mai? He was running around, tearing his shirt, showing us his chest all the time, licking his guitar. Keiyuu... that such a small man can have such a great voice. And growl so intensively. I was surprised.
Kra did some really nice choreographies, I really liked them. They spoke so much Japanese, it was nice.

Keiyuu and Yuura (bassist) came out for the interview. Keiyuu said he loved to play Monster Hunter 2 on his PSP. Go him, I've been playing that for a month now XD Yuura said that he wanted to play in Germany again, and that there where lots of cute girls.

(To come)

So it was alice nine.'s turn...
They stepped out on the stage all wearing white (NICE) outfits. Saga (the bassist) was showing a lot of skin... again. Not that I mind.
Shou (vocalist) danced a lot, it was so fun to see. When I saw them in Osaka, Shou danced a little, but then he became kinda embarrassed. But it wasn't like that this time, he danced around on that stage like a crazy person. I had missed doing alice nine.'s choreographies, it really brought back memories. But I think I was like the only person capable of doing the choreographies right. W00t! Tora (guitarist) rocked, as usual, Saga was kinda in the back, Nao (drummer) was so sweet, and Shou and Hiroto (guitarist) where really cute together.
All the bands played some old songs, since it wasn't a live to promote the bands, just an event. It made it all special, and I was so happy to be able to see that old songs live.

Tora and Shou came out for the interview. They were asked which lesson they liked in school. Shou said he loved Japanese, but that he was an arse to math. Tora loved sport... and all other lessons sucked XD Then they talked about what kind of music they liked.

Follow me
High color naru rinbukyoku
Blue Planet

And the last band, Kagrra...
It was so amazing, seeing Kagrra live. They've been moving away from the traditional Japanese music a bit, so I was truly amazed when the curtains opened and they stood there, all wearing stunning kimonos. Their music... you can really feel they've tried this before, they were breathtaking. Isshi (the vocalist) has the most feminine moves I've ever seen. So elegant, I'm envious. The whole stage performance was so beautiful. I loved that they also played some really old songs.
Isshi spoke A LOT of German. He had this whole piece of paper, and then he just started reading it out loud. He was actually pretty good, it was only once that the audience didn't quite get what he was saying. But it was very cute. They played a song which had not yet been published in Japan. It was very great, I'll buy the single when it gets out.

Then for the interview, it was Isshi and Nao (the bassist). They said they wanted to play in Germany again, a one-man. Nao also said that the German fans were very cute... and that the girls where beautiful. Isshi told us that New Years Eve would be the first day off for him this year. Argh, poor busy J-rockers XD Nao was so cute and all "rock n' roll", you just have to love that guy.

Amafurase Tanmaina
Nue no naku koro
Genei no Katachi
Unmei no Ito [Sadame no Ito]
Irodori no Sanka

My conclusion... IT WAS SOME AMAZING CONCERTS! Come to Europe again soon, please ^-^

14. December, 2007

AARGH! School = dead. At least at the moment... haha, maybe always.

My school today is really fucked. Math, physics, history, Chinese... we'll go to a museum to see some Chinese stuff *sigh*
Later, I'm going to faust with Demi, Toast (Toast is a guy from my class) and Emil. I'm looking forward to it. Even though I'm really tired 'cause I had to make my homework until shit o'clock, and I have to go to my hairdresser early tomorrow. Damn... But I don't care <3

Weee, when we have our big pause, me, Emil and maybe Demi will go eat sushi. Yey!

Haha, I wrote with someone on blackmarket, and suddenly he was like: "yeah, I'm going on a vacation with my brother Stephen, that I think you know. Or at least you know his girlfriend, Anne." You should have seen my face, it was like this: O____O I had no idea.

Bah, my first class ends in 10 minutes.

*dances out of journal*

9. December, 2007

Emo Sunday

This is my emo Sunday <3

I really, really hate Sundays (not the icecream). You're doomed to sit, glaring into the wall until your eyes pops out.
Damn I'm tired, but I can't sleep. And I need to wash some laundry at 8:30.

*slams head into wall*
I'll drink some vodka and die XDDD
I had a really nice time <3

Erk, it's late, I better go to bed ^-^

6. December, 2007

Maru is shipped! <3

Maru will probably arrive the 13th of December. Uhh, I'm looking forward to get him X3

I'm in my social studies class. Oh God, tis will be a crappy day. Next lesson will be Danish (And I haven't read the book we were supposed to read), and then physics. I hate physics... my teacher is an ass *slap-slappedy-slap-slaps* Please, save me! And I have to do A LOT of homework after school. Oh, I have to study Chinese. Chinese is hard...

Ooh! A guy from my school has promised to help me make my own sushi. Yay!

I wanna eat sushi! <333 I wanna be free! I wanna... jump out the window *slams head down into table*